Chris Osborne

3 Weeks in London

I’ve just landed in Bangkok, Thailand, having just spent 3 weeks in London visiting family. These are our last trips before we settle down in Barcelona.

Some highlights:

1. I opened up bank accounts with Revolut and Monzo – a couple of new emerging digital banking apps. Both blew me away in terms of how easy it is to set up the accounts, although I prefer Monzo’s user onboarding a little more.

2. I managed to catch up with Ben, founder of Missinglettr and Jake, founder of HelpDocs, after following these guys on Twitter for a few years. Both really smart guys. We had dinner at Goodman, which is one of my favorite restaurants in London (highly recommended if you like steak).

3. A couple of other great restaurants that really impressed me were Barrafina (Spanish) and El Pastor (Mexican). If you want to travel a little outside of London, The Bell Inn country pub, which is located where my family lives, serves some of the best British food around.

4. Uber. I’ve used Uber in over 10 countries and Uber drivers in London are by far the most professional I’ve encountered. A stark contrast to Uber drivers in Bangkok who don’t know where they’re going and often don’t care for their cars. I really hope Uber wins their appeal against Transport for London’s decision not to renew its private hire license, as I think the utility really does shine in London.