Chris Osborne


I’ve been building and selling micro-startups (profit-driven, bootstrapped, small teams) while traveling around the world non-stop for 16 years.

Right now I’m focused on:

  • GrowthList – A weekly report of fast-growing tech startups
  • The Newsletter Company – Fifteen weekly email newsletters covering different areas of business
  • Profitable Newsletters – My course covering starting and growing a profitable newsletter
  • BridgeZero – The easiest way to research the best visa programs around the world
  • AstroSend – Really simple email software (coming in the summer)

Every month I share 10 things I’ve recently discovered or I’m thinking about around building and selling micro-startups, cool things I find on my travels, and most importantly; living a more fulfilling life. It’s short, sponsor-free, and you can always unsubscribe with one click: