Chris Osborne

Why I’m so bullish on web directories

Over the past few months I’ve been obsessed with web directories, ever since discovering one on Twitter that generates $10k/m with sponsored listings:

This blew my mind. Here’s why:

  1. Directories are easy to build and scale up, especially with the help of ready-made themes and AI writing tools.
  2. It’s easy to build a list of companies to approach to list on the directory (I was able to find a list of 27,000 leads for my latest one)
  3. The napkin math is incredible: 84 listings at $299/yr works out at $25k ARR (annual recurring revenue). Most projects with recurring revenue sell for 4x, which is $100k. Add in the $25k revenue, and that’s $125k per directory with just 84 premium listings.

Mind blown, I set out to build and sell a batch of web directories this year:

It hasn’t exactly been calm, but 5 months in, I’ve launched 10 directories and all but one now has recurring revenue behind them. Not bad!

During this time I’ve learned a lot in terms of what markets to go after, what ones to skip, different software to use, how to grow traffic, and how to find/close premium listing deals.

With friends now asking me how I’m doing this, it made sense to create a course on what I’ve learned so far. The course, which I’m calling Profitable Directories, includes a 49-min training video along with access to a private community I’ve put together with 90+ other directory builders.

If you find this business model as interesting as I do (you don’t need any technical skills btw), do check out Profitable Directories. The training and active community is sure to save you heaps of time getting your first directory up and running.

See you inside the private group,