I can help you attract and onboard more paying customers into your business. Guaranteed.

Areas of expertise:

  • Product
  • Facebook advertising
  • Email/Content marketing
  • Email outreach
  • Analytics & data

Why work with me?

I excel at helping founders create products people want, setup scalable sales and marketing channels, use data to make the right decisions and above all, I help keep things simple.


Chris provided invaluable consulting to my new startup. This included full process flow outline, the best tools, and time-saving tips.

His domain knowledge was evident, as there was no question asked that he couldn’t answer. I’d recommend him as a reliable resource for anyone looking to launch and grow a SaaS startup.

Chris’ advice was fantastic. During the 90 minutes we spent on the phone, he opened up his entire playbook. What’s even better, the call was a two-way conversation. Chris took the time to understand my goals and answered every single question I had.

Personal guarantee:

I want you to leave the call fully prepared to attract and onboard more users into your business. If you don’t feel you received value from the call, let me know why and I’ll refund you in full.

Schedual a call:

Let’s do this!

Consulting calls are priced at $299 and last between 60 to 90 minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.