Chris Osborne


Over the past 6-12 months I’ve been including more and more news/resources covering cryptocurrencies and the technology behind it (blockchain) in the FoundersGrid newsletter.

While this is cool for some, I understand those who subscribe to FoundersGrid are signing up for content covering startups and a wider range of tech subjects.

Having been conscious of this recently, I’ve been holding a lot of good crypto content back, but as I’m becoming more and more interested in these new technologies, it’s finally time to do something about it.

Enter CryptoWeekly

The logical step is to create a separate newsletter that solely focuses on decentralized technologies, bitcoin, ethereum and more.

It’s a topic I find fascinating and I’m super excited to be sending out the first edition on Friday. If you want to signup, you can do so on the site: CryptoWeekly.

Starting FoundersGrid 3-4 years ago is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I hope in 3 years I’ll say the same thing about CryptoWeekly.