Chris Osborne

Get an awesome web directory built in just 2 weeks

In 2023 I discovered a web directory that was making $10,000 per month via selling premium listings on the home-page.

Having just sold a startup for 4 times the yearly run rate, this blew my mind.

Quick napkin math:

  • 100x $100/m premium listings = $10,000/m
  • Sell directory for 36-40x earnings (industry standard) = $360,000-$400,000

So we could potentially be looking at a $360,000-$400,000 exit by onboarding just 100 customers with a simple web directory!

Again, this blew my mind.

I immediately set out to build 30-50 web directories to do just that. And it’s working. Many of my directories now have thousands of unique visitors per month and more importantly, have paying customers, just mere months after launching them.

Here’s a few examples:

While I spend the next 1-2 years growing my directories, I’ve set out to help others launch their own directories – either to generate revenue with premium listings like I do (here’s how to do it), or to drive targeted traffic to their existing business (directories are great for lead-gen).

Why start a directory:

  • Generate revenue from sponsored premium listings
  • Drive traffic and leads to an existing business

Here’s what’s included with my directory building service:

  • Research 200 companies to feature (we research each company by hand), along with social media profiles, email address and optionally: address & map embed
  • Write custom bios for each company (3-4 paragraphs per company)
  • Collect and resize images for each company listing (website screenshots or logos)
  • Full design, branding, and site setup with categories/filtering
  • An /add page integrated with Stripe so you can start accepting payments from day 1
  • Fast 2 weeks turn around
  • Free access to Profitable Directories, my private community of 210 directory builders (valued at $300).

This includes everything you need to launch on the first day with 200 company profiles/pages.

Let’s build a directory together

The price for a directory with 200 company profiles is $2,990, and the turn around time is 2 weeks. You can order one here, and be sure to reach out if you have any questions.

“It’s clear that Chris has huge experience building directories. Being part of the directory builders group, I’ve seen first hand how a directory should be built properly. From identifying the right target market, the technology to build the website, ranking it and selling premium listings – Chris has done this in front of our eyes, with multiple directories.” – @jansulek


Can you continue to update the directory after building it?

Yes – I offer full hosting, security management and unlimited updates for $199/m

Will you help grow the directory for me?

My team can update your Facebook or Twitter page daily (Monday to Friday) and add news to your blog 3x per week for $499/m

Can you help brainstorm which directory I should work on?

Sure thing! Having launched 30+ now, I’m starting to understand what works and what doesn’t, and would be happy to jump on a call to discuss ideas. Send me an email to schedule a call.

Can you help with brainstorming a domain to use with my directory?

Sure thing! Happy to have a brainstorm and send you some different options.

What are the directories built with?

HTML/CSS. These load super fast and are free to host on Github/Cloudflare Pages (I can help you set this up). Full training videos are provided on how to edit exiting pages and how to add new ones.

How long does it take to build a directory?

It typically takes us 2 weeks to build each directory from start to finish.