Chris Osborne

Facebook marketing done right

I “Like” a lot of Facebook pages from local, national and global businesses. Most will update once or twice per week. Others, like Real Estate Japan, update every day.

What makes Real Estate Japan unique is that they’ve turned a fairly boring subject (buying or renting a home) into something that’s really fun and interesting to read.

Instead of updates such as “we have this property to rent”, which 99% of other real estate brokers use, they are constantly trying to mix things up which I find really inspiring as a marketer.

Some of their updates include: “Let’s play: guess the rent!”.

Other updates include: “Pick of the day for super budget rental”.

And as seen today: “And the prize for the smallest house in Japan goes to”.

Along with the updates they also publish some great content on living and traveling in Japan that’s actually worth reading.

While none of the above is ground breaking innovative, you can see they’ve really thought about mixing their updates up to try to make them fun.

As a result they have some great engagement on their posts, and I’ll continue to subscribe as it’s always a pleasure seeing their updates in my feed. I also know that if/when I’m in the position to rent or purchase a home in Japan, they’ll be the first ones I call.