Reaching out to your potential customers directly will have a huge impact on your business and revenue.

When I started my business 3 years ago (a weekly newsletter), I was expecting customers (i.e sponsors) to come knocking on my door by the busload.

After all, I had spent months working on my product and growing my audience. Surely they would see the value I was offering?

But sadly, they never came.

In fact, within the first year – I had less than a handful of potential customers reach out to me directly.

Getting frustrated (as I knew how good my product was), I started reaching out to companies who would be a good fit for my product directly.

I sent a short email introducing myself and my product, and let them know I was free to provide more info if they were interested in learning more.

It worked!

Fast forward 3 years, I’ve sold out of every weekly sponsorship spot since. And this is all due to being proactive with reaching out to companies who would be a good fit for my product.

If you need more customers using your product or service, start reaching out to them directly

GrowthList started out as my own database of companies I had contacted and has since grown into 10,000+ fast-growing tech companies.

It’ll save you years (seriously!) researching the companies who could have a positive impact on your business.

With GrowthList you can:

  • Get to know over 10,000 fast-growing tech companies right now (i.e, those who have $$ to spend)
  • Use the validated email addresses to reach out to each company directly
  • Use the social media accounts and email addresses to setup custom ad audiences
  • Conduct product/market/investment research, find guest posting opportunties, jobs, and more.

I also validated all the email addresses myself (by emailing them all). This will preserve your domain’s authority and brand reputation by not getting penalized for bounced emails (which is seriously important!).

Access a sample:

Add your details below and I’ll email you a sample list of fast-growing tehc companies right now:

12,000+ Tech Companies. How many can you convert into customers?

I hand-researched the following data points for each company included in GrowthList:

  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Validated generic email address
  • Blog URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Founder/CEO Name
  • Founder/CEO Email
  • Founder/CEO Twitter URL
  • Validated founder/CEO email address

GrowthList is also split into the following files for easy reference:

  • 5,000 B2B Tech Companies
  • 2,000 E-Commerce Companies
  • 1,000 SaaS Companies
  • 1,000 Sales & Marketing Tech Companies
  • 1,000 Active Web Design Agencies
  • 1,000 Tech Recruitment Companies
  • Bonus: 500 Marketplace Companies
  • Bonus: 500 Hardware Companies

Use GrowthList to focus your time on building relationships instead of searching who to build relationships with:

10,000+ fast-growing tech companies. How many can you convert into customers?

Instant Download – $497

CEO’s, Investors & Sales Teams Love The Time GrowthList Saves Them

“We wouldn’t recommend anyone start prospecting in tech without GrowthList. A huge time saver!”

Patrick Campbell, PriceIntelligently

“A successful sales process starts with a high-quality lead list, and that’s exactly what GrowthList provides.”

Jordan Gal, CartHook

“GrowthList provided us with the best ROI over any other marketing investment we’ve made.”

Justin Mitchell, SoFriendly

Common Questions

Can’t I research these companies myself?
You sure can. It’s not difficult finding good companies to contact, but it sure is very time-consuming – especially doing it at scale.

It took me 18 months to research each company, validate all the email addresses and put this list together. If you value your time and understand your time is more productive focused on results, you’ll view purchasing GrowthList as a business investment, not an expense.

What does B2B mean?
B2B means ‘Business to Business’, i.e, companies that provide products/services to other businesses (instead of consumers).

What does SaaS mean?
SaaS businesses are software companies that offer their software/product on a subscription basis.

How can I email X at the company?
If you want to contact a specific person at a company other than the CEO, I highly recommend using the generic email address and asking for an introduction (this is really effective!).

What file formats do your lists come in?
All lists come in both .csv and .xlsx formats for easy import into Google Docs or your CRM of choice.

Where are the companies in each list located?
The vast majority of the companies in each list are based in the U.S, due to the nature that most tech companies in the world are located in the U.S.

Why should I email my potential customers?
Because all your potential customers already use email. And it’s cost effective. Fast. Trackable. And by keeping your outreach emails short and direct, will drive amazing results for your business.

Use GrowthList to focus your time building relationships instead of searching who to build relationships with.

Download GrowthList for just $497:

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