Reaching out to your potential customers directly will have a huge impact on your business and revenue.

But finding, researching, and understanding the right companies to contact is time consuming, complex, and painful.

This is where my in-depth report of 10,000+ fast-growing tech companies will help.

I’ve hand-researched all the data points you’ll need and have validated all the email addresses, which will preserve your domain’s authority and brand reputation by not getting penalized for bounced emails.

This is the exact same list I’ve used to onboard hundreds of customers into my businesses.

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Researched by hand, for unparalleled accuracy

By researching each company by hand, you can be assured each data point just works as it should, saving you heaps of research and testing time.

GrowthList includes the following data columns:

  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Validated generic email address
  • Blog URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Founder/CEO Name
  • Founder/CEO Email
  • Founder/CEO Twitter URL
  • Validated founder/CEO email address

The report is split up into the following files and comes in both .csv and .xlsx formats so you can easily import each file into Google Docs or your CRM of choice:

  • 5,000 B2B Tech Companies
  • 1,000 Sales & Marketing Tech Companies
  • 1,000 Active Web Design Agencies
  • 1,000 Tech Recruitment Companies
  • 1,000 SaaS Companies
  • 1,000 Fast-growing Shopify Stores
  • Bonus: 500 Marketplace Companies
  • Bonus: 500 Hardware Companies

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“GrowthList provided us with the best ROI over any other marketing investment we’ve made.” – Justin Mitchell, SoFriendly

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