Chris Osborne

5 cool things I’ve discovered this week

The Side Project Marketing Checklist
Whether you’re starting a new startup or side project anytime soon, or have one already, this is an impressive marketing checklist worth bookmarking.

Copywriting that connects with people
I suck at copywriting, but thankfully this guide gave me some great ideas to think about.

How to email 10,000 tech startups at once
I recently emailed all of the companies I include in GrowthList about a new product I’m launching. The results were amazing, and this guide covers the whole process.

What’s Stopping Airlines From Making Your Seat More Miserable
A shocking read on the economics of squashing as many people onto planes as possible.

The scientific reason it’s better to dilute whiskey with a little water
This made me smile as while visiting a whiskey bar in London a few months ago, my friends gave me a lot of stick for adding an ice-cube to my pour. Side note 1: I’ve just purchased this 2-inch ice tray to drunk into future pours at home (thanks, John Gruber, for the recommendation). Side note 2: If you’re a whiskey fan and haven’t tried Hibiki before, do. It’s magical.

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P.S – Simple productivity hack: Next time you head to a coffee shop to work, leave your notebook charger at home. The time limit acts as a great way to focus on what’s important 🙂