Chris Osborne

Tips for Traveling with Kids

A friend recently asked how we travel with kids. As I’ve been traveling with mine for 6 years now, I had some good tips to send him.

Here are my top tips traveling with kids:

  1. Have a solid partner who can help
  2. Create a routine when you travel. Before noon I make sure I’ve worked out, kids have completed their school work (approx. 2 hours) and I’ve got some solid work time in (aim is 2 hours). We then have the whole afternoon to go out and have fun with the kids
  3. Most towns and cities around the world have awesome parks so make sure you leverage them. A visit to the park always acts as a great reset for the whole family
  4. Skip hotel buffet breakfasts. You over-eat and it takes up valuable time in the mornings. Only exception here is when your staying somewhere really fancy – the breakfast will be part of the experience
  5. Most hotels will give you early check-in and late check-out when traveling with kids if you ask politely
  6. Spend the money on business class when traveling long-haul if you can. It turns flights you all dread into fun adventures
  7. Have lazy days from time to time where nothing productive is accomplished
  8. Get the kids involved with everything… from planning trips, checking train times, cooking dinners to doing laundry etc. They appreciate it and it teaches them value life skills
  9. Pack much lighter than you think. You can find kids shampoo from supermarkets no matter where you are in the world
  10. Get good health/travel insurance for peace of mind