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How to create a curated newsletter (with lessons learned curating 300+ myself)

I update one of the largest newsletters in tech curating today’s best startup, tech and business news. I started the newsletter 3+ years ago and it’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not for spending 2-3 hours every day updating it or for the sponsorship money I receive. Nor for the exposure […]

Facebook marketing done right

I “Like” a lot of Facebook pages from local, national and global businesses. Most will update once or twice per week. Others, like Real Estate Japan, update every day. What makes Real Estate Japan unique is that they’ve turned a fairly boring subject (buying or renting a home) into something that’s really fun and interesting […]

This email hack will make you 10 times more productive

The one thing that lingers on my mind the most is my email backlog. I’m terrible at responding to email as I’d much rather focus my time on product or getting my products into the hands of more users. When my inbox starts to fill up, it’s almost like a black cloud starts to form […]

Bangkok’s Best Restaurants

One of the best things about Bangkok is it’s growing dining scene. It’s been fascinating to watch over the past decade, in particular the growth of small independent restaurants created by people who care not only about the food they serve and where their ingredients come from, but also caring about the small details that can […]

How I travel the world with my family while building a tech startup

My son is now 1 year and 3 months old and since he was fit to fly at 6 months; myself, my wife and our son have been traveling while I grow my startup non-stop. We’ve had a blast so far visiting Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Turkey, Spain […]

Playing Poker in Macau

I’m typing this on the ferry heading to hong Kong after a week in Macau playing poker, taking my son swimming, eating far too many oily carbs and constantly being amazed at the wealth I’ve witnessed at the casinos in Macau. I venture to Macau on a fair regularly basis to play Poker, although I […]

Lessons learned building a business that relies on advertising revenue

For those who don’t know, I’ve been updating a newsletter for the past 3 years and for a long time the sponsorship revenue generated from this newsletter represented a large part of my income. I’ve learned a lot about dealing with sponsors and in particular building a lifestyle business that relies on advertising revenue. What […]

Let’s not take that call

“Let’s take a call” Reading these words in my inbox brings shivers down my spine. I know what’s in store; we’ll go back and forth trying to figure out dates and times that work for us both to schedule a call. We’ll finally get the call scheduled into our calendars, only for one of us […]