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How I write my daily to-do list

Writing my to-do list every evening for the next day ahead is easily the most important task I do with my business every day. If I don’t write what I need to get done, I’m a mess. I’ll find myself switching back and forth between multiple tasks and at the end of the day realize […]

How to email 10,000 tech startups at once

The following guide outlines how I emailed 10,000 startups using GrowthList, my hand-researched list of 10,000+ fast-growing start-ups, for a new project I’m working on. The Project In 2015 I launched FoundersPerks. It’s a collection of exclusive perks and discounts from some of the hottest tech startups. The business model is simple: pay a one […]

A beginner’s guide to acquiring new customers with email outreach

Here’s how I use email outreach to onboard new paying customers, and how you can too. For the last three years, I’ve been updating a newsletter curating the best business, tech and design news. Since its launch, it’s grown from a tiny audience into an informational staple that reaches 10,000+ people every week. And like […]